What’s in My Toolbox

Mar 8, 2023

I acknowledge the stress I am experiencing as I launch my new website. Here are five tools I’ve been using to manage stress these past few weeks:

  1. Making a gratitude list every morning.

I’m not asking myself to write expansively. It feels really good to just make that list. 

  1. Practicing guided meditation most mornings. 

I feel better when I meditate, and yes, I miss a day now and then. I forgive myself.

  1. Tapping as feelings of stress arise.

I try my best to recognize my stress. It shows up as a constriction in my chest. Even if I don’t do full rounds of tapping, it helps to tap on the side of my hand or on my heart. I like to massage the “sore spots,” about three inches down from the notch of the collarbones and three inches to the left and right. This transports me to a much calmer place almost immediately. 

  1. Remembering to breathe. 

Six seconds in, six seconds out. Breathing in, then breathing out with a prolonged exhale. Closing my eyes, placing my hands over my heart, breathing in and out slowly. So simple. 

  1. Walking.

Whether it’s long or short, strenuous or leisurely, or if I feel like it or not, walking always makes me feel better. I try to get out of my own head and focus my attention on the environment, noticing what I see around me. Sometimes, I choose to “collect” three memories of what I see, hear or feel on my walk.

We can use our minds to improve how we feel. I invite you to think about what’s in your stress management toolbox.