What is EFT?

Tapping (more formally known as Emotional Freedom Techniques) is an evidence-based practice for reducing stress. There is simplicity at its core: combine thoughts, emotions and sensations related to a stressful event, pair these with statements of self-acceptance, and tap on acupressure points to send calming signals to the body. With tapping, emotional intensity related to the event decreases quickly. The body relaxes and there are changes in breathing, circulation and other physiological systems. The brain makes new associations, and while the past event is still there, the emotional charge it carries is reduced.

More Ways to Use EFT

  • Improve relationships
  • Process key events from the past
  • Tackle limiting beliefs that create blocks
  • Interrupt patterns of behavior that no longer serve you
  • Cope with loss and change

Clinical EFT is a client-centered coaching practice. Sessions start with the client describing a problem they face, and from there, the practitioner guides the client by using the client’s own language. The client controls the pacing of the session. A skilled EFT Practitioner monitors progress carefully during the session and uses techniques to ensure that the client feels safe as they process challenging thoughts, emotions, and sensations.

Susan’s ability to address physical issues and uncomfortable sensations is phenomenal. I had heart racing and pressure for several months and during her session realized so much of it was emotional. Through the use of her EFT techniques, loving empathetic attention, and sincerity to help me, I was freed. My heart felt lighter after my session and my life also became easier to be in. I confidently recommend Susan to all clients seeking physical healing through EFT.