Meet Susan

EFT found me in the beginning of 2021 after I moved on from a position as a learning specialist at a private school. After many years of practicing educational therapy and providing support services to students with learning differences and their families, I realized that my scope of practice was no longer broad enough to address the needs of young adults and people in general. The pandemic changed everything. Stress was everywhere, emotional wellbeing had to come first, and the rest would follow.

I attended a workshop and the speaker, a clinical psychologist, presented holistic, self-care practices to release stress and anxiety and enhance wellbeing. She spoke about the body’s stress response. We breathed. We tapped. Within moments, I felt a dramatic shift in my body as my stress lifted. This was something new and different, an embodied approach to reducing stress.

To expand my practice, I began my study of EFT so I can offer its powerful effects to others. It works. I have used EFT tools to process medical issues, the loss of a sibling, and other issues big and small. The events of the past are still there, but the emotional hold they have is released.

Certifications, Education, Training and Presentations


Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner, EFT Universe, 2023

Board Certified Educational Therapist, Association of Educational Therapists, since 2001


Advanced Studies Certificate in Educational Therapy, UCLA Extension, 1999

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Education, Dartmouth College, 1981

Selected Weeklong Training Courses Attended

Brain Basis for Integrated Social, Emotional and Academic Development, Learning and the Brain, 2019

Think Smart: Using Mindsets and Metacognition for Student Success, Learning and the Brain, 2016

Selected Topics of Presentations Given

Executive Functioning

Understand the WISC

Learning Differences in the Classroom: Attention, Slow Processing Speed, Social and Emotional Factors

Go Slow to Go Fast: Creating A Safe Space So Students Can Learn

Susan is very adept: she listens extremely well, she is intuitive, and she is a skilled healer. I enjoyed my tapping sessions with her, and found they resonated long after the experiences themselves. I highly recommend her.