Change is within reach.

Release stress and anxiety with EFT tapping as you find a better way forward.

You can feel better, gain a sense of positivity and ease, and live life with more energy.

EFT can address a wide range of problems, from emotional distress to performance issues, because it reduces stress and moves energy toward a more relaxed state.

Here are some areas where I can help

Learning and Developmental Differences

Are you having trouble coming to terms with your child’s new diagnosis? Are you overwhelmed as you navigate your child’s next steps? Are you struggling to manage your child’s behavior at home? I have decades of experience in education and I can help you process and calm your own emotions as you support your child. I can help older children work through anxiety, limiting beliefs about themselves, and a backlog of negative school experiences.

Physical Issues

Do you live with physical pain? Do you have a chronic medical issue? Pain is a confluence of biological, psychological, and social factors. EFT can be used to help reduce the emotional impact of pain and chronic illness. I can help you identify and clear the stress associated with physical issues. With a reduction in stress, there may be new insight about how to manage pain and illness. Or, the reduction in stress might translate back to the body, as stress hormones themselves can promote inflammation, leading to greater sensations of pain.

Getting Unstuck and Setting Goals

Do you want to make changes in your career or personal life? Do you make plans and set specific goals but fail to follow through? Feeling stuck and frustrated? I have been helping people set goals and execute plans for many years. With EFT you go deeper, processing and releasing resistance that holds you back. Whether rooted in specific events in your life or grounded in limiting beliefs, there’s a way to move past the barriers.

The latest from my blog

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Even though I’ve been fortunate to have experienced much good health, I know what it’s like to struggle with digestive disorders because at times during the last 12 years, that struggle has consumed my life. I know what it’s like to go from having a normal,...

Getting Started with Tapping

You might be wondering what a tapping session looks like. Here’s what you can expect during a tapping session with me: A comfortable, confidential space. Support and acceptance for where you are right now. A sense of control of the content and pacing of the session. I...

What’s in My Toolbox

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What is stress anyway?

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EFT Basic Concepts

It’s helpful to understand a few basic ideas as you begin your EFT journey. This is in no way intended to be an exhaustive, scientific exploration, but rather a simple framing, absolutely from my point of view.  Specific Events: Most of the time, we explore...

Thanks to my tapping sessions with Susan, I feel a wonderful sense of freedom from the stress and anxiety related to the issues that have plagued me for so many years. As she helps me to process traumatic events from my past, I can actually feel the stress and anxiety dissipate during our sessions as my body relaxes and inner peace and calm settle in. Tapping has helped me in ways that years of cognitive therapy could not. I am so grateful to Susan. She’s a skilled EFT practitioner who puts you at ease immediately and gently leads you along the path to self-acceptance.